Breakfast Forum for Business Leaders


Improve your business instantly with creative thinking and ground-breaking initiatives.

Discover how to identify, harness and action creative opportunities to ensure you deliver responsible financial outcomes, maximise your innovation and meet changing consumer expectations.

Design is a fundamental building block of innovation, a critical enabler of competitive industries and vital to building liveable, sustainable and cohesive communities. This session will showcase how to draw on the power of design to improve competitiveness and drive business growth for Victorian small to medium enterprises.

This forum could be the edge in a tough business market – find out how to think through a creative business process to find new profitable ideas and strategies.


Dr Charles Burnette (USA)
Formerly Dean, School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin, Director of the Graduate Program in Industrial Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and Chairman of its Industrial Design Department.

Professor MP Ranjan (India)
National Institute of Design, India. Assisting the Indian Government to write a Design Policy. His research has shown that design can influence change in as many as 230 sectors of the Indian economy. A strong advocate for sustainability, he leads the world in design and research in the use of bamboo as a sustainable material.

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