What is Eco-design? is a comprehensive on line resource that provides essential grounding in sustainable design principles for industrial, graphic, fashion and textile designers. Guidelines are provided on ways to integrate eco-principles into design without compromising product quality, functionality, reliability aesthetics, costs or marketability.

Developed by the Centre for Design at RMIT University, WSP Environmental and leading industry experts, What is Eco-design? provides designers with relevant, practical information and quick reference guides covering:

  • the main environmental impact areas for the various design disciplines
  • strategies to minimise their ecological footprint
  • vodcasts from Design Victoria’s sell-out eco-design seminar and workshop series including introduction to eco-design; life cycle analysis and eco-labeling
  • links to resources including leading industry experts and organisations to assist with advice and support.

It is important to emphasise that eco-design is not about dismissing the fundamental principles of design simply in favour of environmental gains. Positive environmental outcomes can be achieved during the design stage to ensure the best performance or result can be delivered over the long term without compromising form or function.

Design Victoria would like to thank and acknowledge the Centre for Design at RMIT University and WSP Environmental for their valuable contribution in developing a rich source of informative and practical information on eco-design principles and applications.

Thank you to the Viola Design team for their contribution to the Design Victoria Eco-design program, including the seminar and workshop series and the development of the What is Eco-design? How To Kit.

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